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Replacement Preserving Seals

The Le Parfait rubber seals or rings fit different sizes of both the Le Parfait Super Jars and the Super Terrines. They are universal and can be used for anything and everything you plan to preserve! 

Don’t forget to pop a few in your basket to have them on hand for the next time you want to preserve something. (Each new jar comes standard with one rubber seal)

70mm fits: 250ml Super Jar, 275ml Super Terrine, 250ml Super Terrine & 125ml Super Terrine

85mm fits: 2L Super Jar, 1.5L Super Jar, 1L Super Jar, 750ml Super Jar, 500ml Super Jar & 350ml Super Terrine

100mm fits: 3L Super Jar, 1L Super Terrine, 750ml Super Terrine & 500ml Super Terrine