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Hello I'm Vicki Sleet from @iwantthat

I’ve known and loved this brand since I worked at Good Housekeeping Magazine  – it’s longevity spoke to me first and foremost – I know they are built to last and can withstand being bashed about on boats and in schoolbags and the dishwasher does nothing to them (except make them sparkle). I also love the hygiene aspect – we all know how plastic does that weird peeling thing after a time and how bolognaise or curry can stain, you’ll never get that with UKON stainless steel products. 
5 of my Current Favourites 
The Big Round – this is my all time favourite container in my kitchen cupboard. I am FIERCELY protective over it and my husband dare not touch it for one of his fishing trips! I use it often when we go for a sail for storing snacks and I love the gasp of pleasure people give when I whip off the lid and reveal an impeccably presented array of snacks – Woolies mini chicken kebabs, fresh strawberries and pretzels never looked so good. It’s perfect for the beach too – it really cuts down on unnecessary snack chaos when you’re out and about. 
The Big Mini is one of those items that gives me such joy – I know, how is a container meant to give you joy? – but it’s so sleek and dare I say it sexy and it’s also an AMAZING gift for someone who likes to hike for their snacks. It’s also lovely to have on your desk for your paper clips. 
The thing about storing food with solid lids is that they tend to get lost and forgotten about in the fridge or freezer – which is why the new clear silicone lids in the UKON range really appeal to me. The 900ml containers are perfectly sized – they can hold two to three generous portions of everything from soup to curries and the silicone and stainless steel combo just screams efficiency. 
The 900ml Square – 4 Section Divider is used everyday in our home – that’s because we use it as a lunchbox for Ava – she is a fussy eater and so we try and make her snacks as visually appealing as possible – the divider appeals to her (and my) need for order. 
Ever since our oldest girls (who are now 18 and 21) were tiny I have been packing snacks for car trips – and I consider it a bit of a sport (I kind of drive my husband mad). On longer trips our little girls (who are 7 and 4) get their own zip cooler and a variety of snack pots – and the new Clear Silicone & Stainless 266ml Rounds are absolutely perfect for this.