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Welcome to Sepial’s Kitchen

Hi! I am the chef/owner of restaurant allium at 37 Parliament. I also host various cooking classes such as Kimchi making, Korean temple cuisine, dumpling and fried chicken.

We use fermented ingredients a lot and most of them are made by us at our restaurant.

There is nothing wrong with using cheaper containers at home to ferment foods. However for us, the costs of buying new containers adds up quickly as we do a lot of fermentation here. We would prefer to use higher quality goods to reduce the environmental impact of our work. It brings us great joy to see our kimchi, kombucha and pickles lined up in pretty jars on our shelves.

The Le Parfait jars and U.Konserve containers from Reusetarian are all amazing, but for food safety reasons, I would advise you all to use the correct size jars that fit the amount of food you are preserving. The less air you leave in the container, the less chance there is for your little projects to spoil.

I personally love the stainless steel reusable lunchboxes, too - it comes with a sealable lid and nice divider if you like to keep your foods separate, like me! Perfect for using for our takeaway menus. Please enjoy my little product selection and amazing 25% discount on Le Parfait jars and U.Konserve containers!