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About U-Konserve

U.Konserve is the brainchild of two savvy women, on a mission to reduce how much single-use-plastic ends up in landfills. They began with a kids-focused lunchbox product line, which has grown into a much larger range of beautifully designed, exceptional quality and eco-friendly essentials that will make reducing your personal impact on the planet, easy and enjoyable. 

The brand offers high-quality, long-lasting products, sustainably designed to minimize waste throughout each product's life cycle. The longer a product lasts, the fewer resources are used and we get one step closer to every Reusetarian’s collective goal: reuse to reduce waste.

The range has been tested by CPSIA-accredited independent labs to ensure that they are free of BPA, phthalates and lead - making them non-toxic and safe to reuse.

The range is designed in California and responsibly made in China in facilities that are working toward green practices and also on a mission to reduce waste.

U.Konserve lids are made for a lifetime of use, so if yours breaks (that’ll be a first!), then we’ll replace it. For free. Just let us know (hello@reusetarian.co.za). U-Konserve only uses PET #1, LDPE #4 and PP #5 plastics in their products, which are safe for long term food storage.


Nesting Trio R 579.00 ZAR
Insulated Food Jars R 335.00 ZAR
Insulated Tumblers R 232.00 ZAR
The Big Mini R 279.00 ZAR
Silicone Straws R 149.00 ZAR
The Twins R 330.00 ZAR