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500ml Le Parfait Terrine

Terrine jars can safely be used for all types of preserving methods, including if your recipe calls for heat treatment like submerging the jars in boiling water. 

You don’t need any special equipment to start preserving.

Need some inspiration? Visit www.leparfait.com for lots of easy and delicious recipes.

Le Parfait jars are so popular today because they respond so well to the latest trends:

  • Healthy, natural food
  • 100% safe to reuse (simply replace the seal for each new preserve)
  • Respecting the seasons and enjoying products at the best time of the year, at the best price
  • Reducing waste
  • Saving money
  • The fun and enjoyment of homemade cooking
  • Doing things the old fashioned way

Store your homemade, pickles, ferments and pantry staples in Le Parfait and keep them looking and tasting delicious!