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About Pura

Pura Stainless Bottles were developed by a mom & dad who said ‘no’ to potentially toxic plastic bottles, for their three babies. In 2008, when they were in the market for baby bottles, there were no plastic-free bottles available to buy. Till today, Pura bottles are THE ONLY plastic-free bottles on the market. Yip, that’s pretty amazing. Luckily these days they produce bottles for all ages and we can personally promise, that once you go Pura….you can’t go back! 

Pura uses only premium medical grade silicone, made from the naturally occurring element, silicon. It can be heated and chewed without releasing toxins.  

Pura bottles are crafted from anti-bacterial #304 stainless steel (also referred to as 18/8 stainless steel). The interior surfaces of all Pura bottles are free of linings, coatings or any other potentially toxic chemicals so you can be sure that nothing will ever leach into your liquid.

All bottles and components have been independently tested by internationally recognized testing labs and have no detectable amounts of Bisphenol-A (BPA), Estrogenic Activity causing compounds (EA), phthalates, or nitrosamines. They also meet all FDA and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Initiative Act) regulations and guidelines as well as the European Commission regulation EN 14350 and German LFGB tests. (That’s something that most of their competitors cannot claim). Check the side of your Pura bottle packaging and you’ll see all the relevant stamps.

All the bottles and silicone bottle accessories are dishwasher safe but we ask that you please wash your insulated bottles by hand. 


Sippy Bottle - 325ml R 369.00 ZAR
Water Bottle - Small R 325.00 ZAR
850ml Water Bottles R 485.00 ZAR
Silicone Straw R 109.00 ZAR
Big Mouth Top R 109.00 ZAR
Sippy Spout R 109.00 ZAR
550ml Pink Swirl R 429.00 ZAR