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The Outdoorsy

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This is the ultimate gift for the Outdoorsy type. Pura's 850ml water bottles are plastic-free. The 'Big Mouth' silicone mouthpiece makes drinking from the bottle feel totally natural, with no need for sucking & slurping. This hardwearing bottle loves to be outside; the finger loop makes it so easy to carry around when it's not in your backpack.
We've paired the Pura bottle with two U.Konserve Best Sellers! Our divided stainless steel containers allow you to separate your snacks (or not); the dividers are 100% removable. Excellent multi-taskers, U.Konserve containers can go from freezer to oven, and they love the dishwasher (make sure you put the lids on the top shelf, please).

In this bundle: save over 30%!

Pura 850ml Sports Bottle, Blue Steel
U.Konserve container, square, blue, divided, 1400ml
U.Konserve container, square, sky, divided, 900ml