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The Gardener

Le Parfait jars aren't just jars, but you've realised that by now! Not by a longshot. As with all of our product collections, Le Parfait jars are multifunctional - and they are perfect for propagating and planting and displaying beloved little plant babies. Try propagating your own succulents from garden cuttings. The clear glass 1.5L Le Parfait Super jar adds drama and beauty as the roots grow and extend into the water.

When displayed in Le Parfait jars, bunches of fresh flowers shine, lid hanging open for an added dimension to the look. Just a quick glance will tell you if your flowers need water. Our 125ml Le Parfait terrine jars are gorgeous and structured, each one offering the perfect vessel for planting saplings or displaying your mini cactus. Or they can store unused seeds, plant food, and whatever bits and pieces are lying around in your greenhouse.

In this gift set

Le Parfait Super, 1.5L
Le Parfait Super, 1.5L
Le Parfait Terrine, 125ml, 6 jars