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The Furry Friend


Pets bring us so much joy. We love them so much. And we know our customers like to spoil their four-legged babies occasionally. 

Our Furry Friend gift set will keep your best friends food and water beautifully safe and sealed at home or out and about.
U-Konserve's new range of stainless and silicone containers are plastic-free and leakproof. Our customers comment on how much they love their U-Konserve containers for storing leftover cat food or offcuts of meaty treats and that's how this gift set has come to be. The clear silicone lids allow you to see straight into the container, a gamechanger! No more neglected leftovers in your fridge.
Store dog pellets, biscuits, treats and birdseed in our 2L Screw-Top jars; they are airtight, hardwearing and look good on any kitchen counter. Finally our snack bags; use them for everything and anything. Infinitely reusable, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. They are the ideal size to throw in your backpack or cubbyhole.

U-Konserve Container, clear silicone lid, round, 266ml

Le Parfait Screw Top Jar, 2L
W&P silicone snack bag, charcoal, 300ml
U-Konserve container, clear silicone lid, square, 900ml