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The Foodie

In what is currently a crazy and unpredictable world, the solid traditions of slow food inspire appreciation for nature and the health benefits that naturally follow from eating fresh, local and homemade produce. Le Parfait jars are known to foodies worldwide as the premium jars for any type of food preserving. Le parfait jars are designed to withstand heat preservation methods, and you won't need any fancy equipment. You can boil or bake them, depending on the demands of your recipe. Think confit tomatoes, pickled beetroot, glistening jams, pickled green beans, lemon curd and luxurious salted caramel drizzle. The list goes on. And on! Ever fermented your own kimchi? Now's the time. Stop off at your local farmer's market, fill those reusable bags with fresh produce, and get stuck into creating your own preserves.

This set includes two large reusable silicone storage bags from our W&P Design collection; you can use them to sous vide, store, microwave and freeze food. Or simply to store half an apple in the fridge. The best part; made from one single piece of premium silicone, you can turn the bags inside out and pop them into the dishwasher, confident that they'll come out looking sparkly and clean.

Whats in this gift set

Le Parfait Super, 750ml
Le Parfait Terrine, 350ml
Le Parfait Terrine, 275ml
W&P Silicone Storage Bag, Slate, 1350ml

W&P Silicone Standup Bag, Slate, 1500ml