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Le Parfait, Love at first sight

My love for Le Parfait began when I searched online like a crazy person, trying to find beautiful glass storage jars. I wanted to create an Insta-worthy pantry using different size jars. And I needed a vessel tall enough to store spaghetti because up until then, I'd still not found one (I liked). My marathon-google-search led me to Le Parfait. Timeless style and an incredible brand heritage sucked me in, and once I'd seen the iconic jam jars, I knew what I had to do. It was at that moment I'd decided to reach out to Le Parfait, France and enquire about distribution to RSA.


I anxiously waited for my first container, full of glistening jars, to arrive at Cape Town Harbour. The day they arrived; I was more in love than ever. I must have about thirty Le Parfait jars lined up on my kitchen shelf. Plates and glasses have been downgraded to cupboard space. I now have my Insta-worthy pantry with rows of jars filled with everything from NikNaks to homemade lemon marmalade and dog biscuits.


Rooted in tradition, LeParfait was founded in the early 1930s in Reims, France. Widely used and trusted throughout the 20th century, Le Parfait is now more modern than ever. I'm so excited to see how locals have welcomed Le Parfait with excitement and a desire to learn a new skill, using seasonal produce and cherished family recipes. Whatever you want to ferment or preserve can be done using Le Parfait. The aptly named 'Super' jars and Terrines are designed for all types of heat preserving processes.


The first time is always the most nerve-wracking. But once you have got your preserving recipe in hand and your Le Parfait jars sterilised, you are good to go. No need for any special equipment. Boil the jars on your stovetop or put them in a hot oven to sterilise. There are plenty of easy and delicious looking preserving recipes online or check out www.leparfait.com for step-by-step guidelines to preserving.